Why We do What We Do

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We have enough salespeople and marketers in the world, what we need more of are healers. — D. Gary Young

I chanced upon this little nugget from our company’s founder and I found that it is something that resonates with me greatly.

When people ask me about what I do now (apart from being a full-time mom and wife) and are either happy for me or throw shade at me for being a distributor of essential oils, I tell them that I do this business and share about Young Living because it has greatly impacted my family’s life. We are healthier and have a better quality of life.

I am not a salesperson or a marketer. I know nothing about sales or marketing. I studied Literature and Philosophy in college and grad school and previously produced movies for a living. The only thing in common with all those and what I do now is the genuine want to help change people’s lives for the better. I loved studying Literature because I loved learning about life. I loved making movies because it made people happy or gave them a venue to explore their own lives with the hope that it would be the push they needed to become better.

Now, I share about using essential oils and transitioning to a natural lifestyle through Young Living because I want to help you and your family. I want to help people make the changes that they need (and want, because you have to want it too!) to stay above the wellness line, sleep better, enjoy life more, be happier and just have a better life. I want to help you live longer watch your kids grow up. I want you to be able to care for your grandchildren when the time comes. I want to educate about how much we are harming ourselves with the products we use every day. I want to encourage people to be more informed because when we know better, we do better. That’s when real change happens. But it begins with you. You have to want it for you and your family.

So, when people ask me why I do what I do now, I tell them this. Yes, I do it primarily to provide for my own family and make sure that they too are happy and healthy but just like with any job, profession or career, there has to be another reason why we do what we do. Often, I would receive messages from friends telling me their testimonials, their own versions something along the lines of— “OMG! I can’t believe it! I/my baby/my dog slept really well last night or my kid’s cough went away so fast, or I was so stressed/sad/angry yesterday, thank God for my oils, etc.”—and my heart fills up with gratitude for being able to help them. That in itself is reason enough why, too.

D. Gary Young got it in a nutshell, he created products out of necessity– because people needed them, and not simply to make a profit. I would like to build my business (and would like to think that I have started to) with a family of healers– of people who want to help make other people’s lives better. There are already too many salespeople and marketers in the world, what it is lacking, however, are healers to make it better for our kids and the next generations.

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