Taking Charge of your Time

by Steve Buissine from Pixabay

By Nike Famojuro

Do you find it easy to set boundaries that your family will respect?

I see that as a work from home mom, we are constantly dancing between running a business and running a home!

The boundaries you have created for your business usually gets compromised especially when you have younger children– it is a case of wanting something and wanting it now!

How then can you create boundaries that you can communicate to others and not only that– boundaries that your family can respect?

Truth be told, if you are really keen about TAKING CHARGE of your time, that is time management, having credible and active boundaries is very important.

My question was: “Do you find it easy to set boundaries that your family will respect?”

I have simply asked you a three in one question:

  1. Do you find it easy to set boundaries that your family will respect?
  2. Do you have credible and active boundaries?
  3. Do you value and respect your boundaries?

To answer this three in one question, there are three things you need to consider:

  1. Self-Awareness – You need to set boundaries that you consider important to you. You can do this by being conscious of your own desires, feelings, and motives. For example, if I set a boundary that I want to work on business 5 am. if this boundary is not something that I really desire or if I have negative/nonchalant feelings about it. The probability that you would stick to it or that your family would respect it is very low!
  2. Strength in Setting Boundaries – Once you are sure that the boundary is important to you and you have the right motives and feelings. the next thing you want to do is be strong in standing by it.
  3. Overcome Guilt РYou need to overcome any guilt that you might feel when standing by your boundaries Рso you have set a work time for yourself between 2-4pm, there is no point feeling guilt during that time when you are supposed to be working!

These are the three simple first steps you can take to set boundaries that your family would respect.

Remember, it is your TIME and how you use your time will determine how you will live your life.

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