Seven Tips to Prevent Dengue Fever

Image by Lisa Runnels from Pixabay

Right here in the Philippines, there is a dengue fever alert in a lot of parts in the country. Every single day I scroll on Facebook, I see someone asking for prayers for themselves or their children because they have dengue. I browse through my online mom groups and it’s more of the same. I guess that is why I decided to write about it.

It is such a horrible virus and easily contracted because of a virus-carrying mosquito’s bite. Symptoms such as high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle, and joint pains, and rashes typically begin three to fourteen days after the infection. There is no cure for it except for prevention, early detection, hydration, rest and early consultation with your doctor.

Here are seven tips for dengue prevention:

  • Protect yourself and your kids by wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Stay indoors or avoid places where you know you’ll be encountering a lot of mosquitoes.
  • Agree to have your area fogged when there is an outbreak or a hotspot. Have your house fumigated to rid it of mosquitoes.
  • Keep your area clean by securing garbage and places where mosquitoes can breed such as standing water.
  • Use a reliable mosquito repellent every day. Don’t skip it at all and make sure to reapply every couple of hours. We personally use a DEET-free alternative using a mix of essential oils, witch hazel and distilled water making it safe to spray as often and anywhere we need it.
  • Use mosquito nets.
  • Invest in a good bug spray for your house as well. Spray it occasionally especially in dark corners of the house.
  • Early detection and consultation with your doctor are key. It is easy to dismiss fever as the symptom of a regular virus but with an outbreak, we can never be too careful. For a person with Dengue fever, do not give aspirin as it may worsen it. If fever or any symptoms persist for two or more days, bring the patient to the nearest hospital. I would personally get you or your child tested as soon as possible.

Prevention is so Important

This issue of Dengue Fever is very close to my heart especially as a mom. My son was confined to the hospital for the first time because of dengue and pneumonia. This was a couple of years ago. He was only two. It was such a horrible and painful experience watching your son suffer and having to hold him down while the doctors try to put in an IV. We are talking about more than 10 attempts. This was the beginning of everything for me as a mom. That was when I decided that disease prevention should always be our priority.

Why should there be a need for our children to get sick first before we get alarmed? Before we do something about it? Disease prevention, and not just for Dengue, requires a change in lifestyle. We as mommas are the gatekeepers of our homes and it will all really have to begin with us. We have to educate ourselves so that we can make better choices. However much a cliche:

Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

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