New Year, New You?

Photo by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

Neglecting a lot of things in 2019

I’ve utterly neglected my blog these past few months. Lost the time to write maybe, or allowed myself to be distracted with life. It’s so easy to come up with reasons– excuses in disguise but I hold myself accountable. I could have done better.

One might think that who cares if I don’t write or publish a post here when I don’t even have a lot of followers nor does my work exactly create ripples in society. Most people probably won’t give a damn but I do.

When you work from home and run your own business, people assume you have it all figured out. They think that life must be a blast because you can just do whatever you wanted when you wanted to. You can. Even if that means Netflixing all day long. It is easy to put things off for tomorrow or the next day with no one to stop you. If things don’t get done though, you’re the only one at fault, too.

Such is life, friends. The harsh reality is I could easily be talking about writing on my blog, or working on my business, or I could be talking about personal growth and working on goals and dreams.

2020 is almost here

In two days it will be a new year, the beginning of a new decade. A meme I recently shared on Facebook helped me realize that I am now able to live within four decades despite not being even forty yet.

Still, I feel like I’ve so much I’ve left unaccomplished this year and the past years if I’m being honest. I think we all feel this way when something ends. Like the time that past was never enough. That time moved too quickly for me to catch up.

Being a mom, it makes it worse, I think. This whole feeling of not being able to grasp at Time. We are often stressed and harassed and complain daily about the days being too short yet we find ourselves crying at least once this year-end upon realizing that our baby is now a kid or our child is now a teen.

We then spiral into our heads pondering about all the things we told ourselves we would do or won’t do and how a year has past and we never did any of those things. I’m sure all the reasons and excuses disguised as reasons also show up but if we are really being honest with ourselves— do they matter?

The point of the matter

Despite all of the above sounding like word vomit, it is where my head and heart are at right now. Two days before a new year begins, I have my work desk ready, my 2020 word/s affirmation, a family vacation to help me recharge but I still feel like I’m not ready at all for another year to begin.

If you are currently where I am, let me share with you some things that I am reminding myself of today.

Be more forgiving

I feel like we need to be more forgiving of ourselves. We are only human and sometimes it is easier to get lost in Netflix land. That said, we have to forgive the other people that we’ve constantly blamed for standing in the way of growth and change. It is not their fault but ours for letting them. It could also be possible that these people were never really at fault.

Take more accountability

We have to be more accountable for our actions even our lack of any actions. There will be no growth at all in any aspect of our lives unless we are real with ourselves and we allow ourselves to get uncomfortable. We should stop wishing for things to happen to us when we don’t do anything at all.

Attain clarity

I believe that it’s all good to aim high and reach for all the stars above but it is as important to be realistic to what we can commit to doing daily. A new year usually means setting all the goals in the world then forgetting about them in a month with some excuse justifying the goal’s abandonment. I want to be clear about what I want to achieve for myself, my business, my family and commit to it. I want it to be something that I know I can do regardless of what life throws at me in 2020.

Welcome it

I am usually a negative person by default. I’ve had too many bad things happen to me in life. That makes me not very good at expecting nor welcoming the good stuff when it comes.

It doesn’t mean that I am not working on it. I am learning how to embrace joy and happiness when it knocks. Leaning on oils, crystals, meditation, and prayers, I am trying to be more positive. I am working on banishing negativity and learning how to leave it when it’s present. That allows me welcome blessings, abundance, happiness, and love.

And who says no to that?

Wherever you are in this journey of yours, I wish you peace and clarity. I hope that you determine what needs to stay in 2019 and what you need more of in 2020. Let this new year be a year of growth and dreams coming true. Allow it to be a year of good health and happiness. Trust that this year will be a good one.

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