My Centro Holistico Experience

Centro Holistico at The Grove

About four months ago, I went to my initial consultation at Centro Holistico Health and Wellness Center at The Grove in Pasig City. My friend Jasmine recommended I check it out and I am so glad that I did.

True I was already on a natural health and wellness journey but I was curious to get checked out. Maybe I was missing something? I wanted to know if there was anything in my body that needed attention.

I believe in having a preventive mindset. I’ve had enough health scares and struggles to know better. So this momma refused to wait for major symptoms of anything to manifest. I wanted to live longer and do everything I could to be there for my family 100%.

So I went for my consultation with a lot of fear about what would come out if any. But mommas are brave and we do what we must. Besides, I was hopeful to find a doctor that I would see eye to eye with when it comes to approaching health and wellness naturally. Happily, I found it!

Initial Consult with Dr. Venisse Valdez

This gorgeous lady is Dr. Venisse Valdez. She “is a Functional Medicine practitioner who complements her practice with Medical Acupuncture. Dr. Valdez is a BS Psychology graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University and an alumna of the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health with a double degree of Doctor of Medicine and Master of Business Administration. She has received extensive training in the US from The Institute of Functional Medicine and has completed her acupuncture training from La Consolacion College.” (Whew! You can go check out more about her here.)

Knowing that we went to the same College was a good start. I was really worried around this time and feared the worst, as always. It was easier to talk to someone who we share something in common with. This is important especially when you end up discussing your everyday life, struggles, blocks, and worries. It didn’t matter though because Dra. Ven is a doctor who doesn’t judge nor make you feel like you are a horrible person for making the wrong choices

The Process

Upon arriving at Centro Holistico, I was asked to fill out a form much like a wellness tracker. It’s something similar to what I use as well when I teach about using essential oils for natural wellness. The form had a list of symptoms relating to the different body systems. For example under Digestive System you would have a question like, “Are you constipated?”. There would be questions about headaches or sleep issues and the like. It would then tally to figure how stressed or toxic your health is. This is just a baseline for the doctor to have an idea about your health status.

Dr. Valdez then reviewed it. We begun our session with her trying to get to know me and my current lifestyle more. She asked what my goals were and why I sought the consultation. We discussed nutrition and what were preventing me from making better choices when it comes to food. We talked about getting proper rest and what I can do about it even in the little pockets of time.

She gave me a list of lab tests that I should get done among which were the basic CBC, Fasting Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile to Thyroid labs, ECGs and abdominal ultrasound. I would come back a week later to have her read the results after which she prescribed me some supplements to take to support what my body lacked.

A healthier gut plus my constipation required taking probiotics. I take Life 9 probiotics from Young Living. To address my issues with low energy, I continue taking my Super B supplements also from YL. She added Omega 3, Vitamin D (because I was vitamin D deficient) and Turmeric capsules to aid in the inflammation in my body. She recommended I continue oiling and taking my Ningxia Red antioxidant drink which I was using prior to my consultation with her.

Dr. Valdez taught me to be more mindful about breathing properly. A minute or two to just breathe can make so much difference already. Proper sleep is important, too.

Live Blood Analysis

During the first consultation, she also took a sample of my blood for Live Blood Analysis. Check out my blood sample then! It was pretty yucky looking. There was no movement which indicated dehydration. The cells were also so stuck together much thanks to free radicals, carbs and sugar.

Yucky, right?

Three months after

Three months of my prescribed regimen, I would say that I still have some way to go. My intake of greens could be better and I have yet to practice better self-care. Consistency in exercise which I have neglected is on the list. Meditation and breathing are also something I am continuously working on. I am definitely on the right track though. Look at my blood now! (Also, the black marks are just microscope dirt that wasn’t unfortunately taken out! Haha. I thought they were worms. Whew!)

The cells are flat now, and not as stuck together as before but still pretty close to each other. That’s still because of carbohydrates and sugar intake. I need to take in more water. That’s because I often forget. But for just three months of consciously trying to make better choices, it’s evident that there’s definitely some awesome improvement!

I am coming back again for another consult in six months. I want to be on top of my health and always be proactive for my wellness. I’m looking forward to bring my husband next time and I hope that you can check it out too!

Check out their website here for more information on Functional or Integrative Medicine and their other services.

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