As a mom, particularly a stay at home one, I must say I have missed dressing up and expressing myself through my clothes, hairstyle, and even accessories. I know, motherhood shouldn’t have stopped me but when you’re on bed rest at five months pregnant and can barely move about, you think, what’s the point, right? Or when you’re home every day anyway and barely have time for some quality bath time… well, you get the picture. More than three years in, I’m having a little more freedom in terms of fixing myself up and having some reason to. I still, more often than not bring my kid to school with my “I woke up like this” look which is so not pretty, but I’m trying, I really am. Hahaha.

I would like to think that my style personality that used to be ever-evolving, (my oldest friends are witnesses to this!) has, in time matured into a more classic, practical, chic one. As a stay at home mom on a tight budget, I can’t afford to splurge and more often than not, choose not to. A couple of clothing items that I mix and match and some basic accessories and I’m pretty much usually all set. A while back though, I was looking for some accessories that will give my everyday look a bit more oomph and I was pretty lucky that a friend of mine from college has recently launched her own jewelry brand named D E M I.

Denise Congco Wuethrich’s D E M I is described as “intentionally minimal yet consistently chic,” and this is exactly what you will get with her uniquely beautiful pieces that were thoughtfully created with the smart, classy, efficient yet impeccably stylish clientele in mind. D E M I’s jewelry is designed in Switzerland but is executed in the Philippines, supporting local artisans as well as Gawad Kalinga (Give Care), a humanitarian organization in the Philippines that sponsors underprivileged families. For every pair of jewelry sold, D E M I gives back 1CHF or PHP50 towards this organization. Who doesn’t like to shop while giving to a good cause at the same time? D E M I ships their jewelry worldwide with free shipping to Switzerland and very reasonable shipping rates for the Philippines and the US, UK and some other parts of the EU.

I was lucky enough to be able to get these beautiful Hollow Triangle earrings at an introductory price and even at its pre-order price of PHP1717, it is still such a steal. It is made using medical grade metal that is richly coated in real 14k gold, available in both yellow and white gold. I, for one prefer my jewelry in white gold or silver tones so naturally, I got the one in white gold. Isn’t it beautiful?

D E M I has recently just launched their second collection called Marokan, inspired by the streets of Marrakech and everything is just beautiful. Most of which have already sold out but are available for pre-ordering. I’ve included some photos here from both the Marokan and Gestalten collections but you seriously have to check out everything at You will definitely find some pieces that will match whatever style you sport and I’m giving you a Mom-on-a-Budget guarantee that the prices are very, very affordable without sacrificing quality.

Join their mailing list and be the first to know about new designs and even when the older ones are available for purchase! You will not regret it because surely, I only expect more gorgeous designs and pieces from  D E M I.

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